Heather and Justin

Dear Jenn,

We just watched the highlights vignette and oh my god is it beautiful! You did such an incredible job. It was so intense for us to see ceremony through other eyes, and that you caught that moment when we walk up the path and lose it for a minute was so beautiful and unexpected. We'd totally forgotten about the mic and the camera. You guys were amazingly inconspicuous throughout the whole event. Thank you for your great work.

Justin, my mother, and I were overcome and in tears (the good kind!) We can't wait to watch the full version tomorrow with Justin's parents. :-D Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! We'll talk to you soon.


Hi Jenn,

The full length version is just as beautiful. The dvd is so amazing! Wonderful job! I just watched both short and full versions again and I am just so happy with your beautiful work! You're a masterful editor, I must say. I meant to only scan through them but I couldn't help but watch the whole thing! You caught some wonderful moments that we missed during the day. Thank you so much.

Best Wishes!