Allsion and Sam

Jenn and Mike,

OMG!!!! WE LOVE IT!!! Best Video Ever


Sam's quote:
"I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. At lease not since we saw Borat for the
first time."

We couldn't be happier with the video! We had to watch it right away and I think you really captured who we are and what was important to us on our wedding day. We laughed, we cried... it was much better than Cats! Absolutely awesome. You guys did a phenomenal job - I can't wait to share this with our parents and friends (and this wedding video they'd probably enjoy).

Love how you guys got the guys wearing their special shirts too. I didn't even notice that they'd ALL changed!

Thank you so much. It's been so much fun working with you and I can't tell you how much we love the video.

Allison and Sam's Highlights