Kristin and Hunter

Hi Jenn!

When we began planning our wedding, we did not factor a videographer in our budget. This was due to the fact that Hunter was opposed. He said he didn't want a camera in his face all night and he felt if we did have a videographer, then it would feel like we would be putting on a show.
I was upset, but respected his wishes and concerns.

After many months of wishing we had booked a videographer and after losing one of our best friends in a car accident, I brought it up to him again. I knew I wanted to have our wedding day captured...the video is not only about the bride and groom, but also shows our family and closest friends. I wanted shots of my 80 year old grandfather getting down to hip hop (something I never knew he enjoyed). And I wanted our wedding day to be filmed so I could show my children and grandchildren. You never know what tomorrow could bring. That's why I believe that you guys were such an important part of the wedding. Personally, I would have skipped the flowers (if I could) or would not have gone all out on a rather large and expensive limo. Because after the wedding is over, none of those things really matter. Paying for your service was well worth it!!!! Even Hunter thanks me for convincing him! (well maybe you helped convince him too :)
I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every single aspect of our wedding video. However, the credits and awards section was a nice touch to our video. I had never seen or heard of this before and it made the whole video even more personal. You truly did an amazing job. Everyone enjoyed watching the movie. My dad had a smile on his face the whole time!! The coverbox and DVD face are absolutely wonderful and were an important touch to our wedding video. Thanks for putting a smile on our faces when we saw our coverbox and DVD.
I am sooo happy we went with you! You did a fantastic job! You are such a sweetheart and made us feel at ease. Our video is absolutely perfect! We will continue to recommend you to everyone!!!!!

Thanks a million,

A Phone Message from Kristin

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