Poni and Scott

We love our video. It was the best money we spent. Also, since Scott and I both lost our grandmothers since, it has become even more special to us. We watch our video a few times a year. For the first year, my mom watched it a few times a month. She is totally in love with the video and everyone who comes to the house has to watch it.

We really love how you put so much detail into the video and we always get a kick out
of watching the hem of my dress fall on beat with Cher's "It's in his Kiss".

I would have rather cut something else if I had to in order to keep the video. We rarely look at our wedding album, although it is very important to us, but we get way more out of our video and that's what I tell everyone who is getting married.

We totally loved everything. The video is something that we will watch for years to
come. You guys were great to work with and we felt like you were just some more friends at our wedding, not vendors. You are both very talented and it was a pleasure.


Poni and Scott's Highlights