Love Note from Lisa-Marie

It's always so great to hear back such wonderful comments from our couples, but especially when it's so soon after their wedding!  Here is a sweet note we received from Lisa-Marie whose wedding was last Saturday at the Highlands Country Club. 


Although this is not my “official” thank you I wanted to let you know how happy Patrick and I were at the wedding.  When I told Patrick before the wedding I wanted the videographer he was really not loving the idea of someone putting a camera in his face. He told me afterwards he  was so impressed with how you guys filmed. We are so excited to see the end result.

We plan to do our hand written thank you notes and vendor reviews within the next few weeks but I was so happy with everything I had to tell you sooner.
Thanks again,

It means so much to us to hear comments like this!! It means even more that Lisa-Marie felt compelled to send us this message right away!  We try so hard not to be that stereotypical videographer everyone fears, so it makes us feel good when we hear that we were able to make a skeptical groom feel comfortable with us filming him.

Thank you, Lisa-Marie for sending us such a lovely note and thanks to you and Patrick for having us there with you on your wedding day!