Real Reactions: Andrea + Nick Watch Their Ceremony

We recently had Andrea and Nick over to view their wedding film with us and they agreed to let us film them for our Real Reactions series.  We may post another clip from this, but we felt we had to start with their ceremony since it was our favorite of the season.

For most couples, watching back your ceremony on video can bring back a flood of emotions.  It can make you tear up. 

It can make you smile.

Not every ceremony can bring back emotions quite the way that Andrea and Nick's ceremony did for them.  You'll see what I mean when you watch the video clip below.

This video clip shows you that there is no amount of planning you can do to account for everything that could happen on your wedding day.  When things like this happen, it's great to have a video to look back at.  Although the pictures that were taken at this moment are great (I've seen them), the video really brings what happened back to life in a way that photos just can't do.

 Here is the clip of Andrea and Nick's unforgettable and unexpected ceremony.  Hope you will enjoy watching along with them.

Thank you to Andrea and Nick for allowing us to share their viewing experience with our blog readers!  If you watched this clip, please tell us what you think about it here, as a comments, or on our Facebook post for this clip.

In case anyone is wondering what they thought of their whole film, you can see and hear their reactions in this clip.

You can view more from this wedding!