Love Letters: Noelle + James

Hi Jenn and Mike,

We absolutely LOVE our wedding video. We laughed, smiled, cried and laughed some more. I have watched it so many times already! I do not think there was a moment that you did not capture! Everything was beyond our expectations. 

We are so happy we decided to do Jamie getting ready. We recently got back all our pictures and I forgot that, because our photographer was late, they missed Jamie getting ready. If we didn't do the video, we wouldn't have anything from then! 

We loved the extra DVD with the band. We laughed watching it and loved to see everyone having such a great time. 

Everything was perfect! You created such beautiful memory for us! We can't thank you enough for everything. I am so grateful I found you, as our video is my favorite from our wedding.  

On a side note, while watching Jamie kept saying oh man they didn't get me carrying the bench and then at the end, he was carrying it (it's like you know what moments to capture and  to put in!). 

 My sister is going to contact you about her wedding date btw =) hopefully it is still open.

Noelle and Jamie

Watch clips from Noelee and Jamie's Wedding