Review: Jessica + Micah

My husband and I were very hesitant about hiring a videographer for our wedding, but both of our mothers suggested that we do so. I found Jenn and Mike through our DJ, and I'm so thankful that we decided to hire them.

When I first called Jenn, I was hoping that they could provide a very basic service -- just to document the highlights of the wedding, like the ceremony and toasts. My husband and I didn't have a lot of money to spend, and we didn't want a cheesy wedding video with forced poses and smiles. After talking to Jenn, she convinced me that a short video would be much more interesting to watch. She was so right.

When we finally got our video after the wedding, both my husband and I, as well as our close families, laughed with joy and welled up with tears while viewing it. Jenn and Mike did such an amazing job highlighting the best parts of the day, and editing everything to fit our music selections perfectly. They did this incredible job despite the fact that we had never met in person before our wedding day, and the fact that we had an outdoor ceremony on a very windy day, making filming hard.

Not only are we thrilled with the final product, but Jenn was really terrific to work with throughout the process, especially considering that when I first called her, I wasn't exactly over-the-moon excited at the prospect of hiring a wedding videographer. She helped me find a package in our budget. She was upfront about her timeline for completing the video from the week after our wedding up until a few days before we got the final product, which was a reasonable 4-5 months after the wedding. Moreover, she sent us some of the footage she had filmed of the ceremony, separately, after the wedding. It was a great treat to see this while we were still so high from wedding. Throughout, Jenn communicated in a professional and personal way, and the whole time I felt we were in great hands.