Review + Love Letter: Alicia + Eric


A videographer is something that not every couple thinks about hiring for their wedding and something that my wife had to convince me we needed. After meeting with Mike and Jenn and seeing some of their work, I knew it was something we would need to have for our wedding.

We met with Jenn multiple times and communicated through e-mail as well. She is EXTREMELY organized and detailed. She made sure that we covered every aspect of our wedding prior to our wedding day. 

On the day of the wedding, I had no worries that Mike and Jenn would be there and prepared. Sure enough, we were not let down. Jenn was there filming as our limo brought the guys to the church, about 45 minutes prior to our ceremony start time, and they were filming at the reception location the second we got out of the limo.

We had about 4 hours between our ceremony and reception and, as we were in the limo driving to our reception, we had noticed that Jenn had posted pictures of our first kiss on Facebook and immediately we were obsessed with the footage.

Mike and Jenn were all over every detail of our reception and they stayed until the very last minute, even with us running over on time. They made sure that they caught some awesome footage of our guests outside enjoying the gorgeous evening and the sparklers.

Mike and Jen were amazing to work with and are great people. I can honestly say that we are on the edge of our seats waiting for the video. She has posted and e-mailed us many teaser still shots and they all look phenomenal and we can only imagine what they final product will look like!



We got the video and put it on as soon as we got in. We love it!! It's great!! 

Thank you sooooo much!

Eric and Alicia