Philosophy + Style

Our Philosophy

No one wants the same old cookie-cutter wedding video and we would get bored producing them.  Our work is constantly evolving and improving and we are inspired by everything around us; film, television, music, art, photography, architecture, etc.. as well as each couple we meet and each wedding we attend.  We are not afraid to think outside the box to create something unique and special.  We welcome input from our couples and work closely with them to deliver the wedding film they hoped for, only better.   

Everything about our business is a reflection of what we were looking for when we got married; from the quality of the work we do down to the way we treat our couples.  We are no non-sense and treat each couple the way we wanted to be treated when we were a bride and groom.  We don't employ marketing trickery, up-selling or gimmicks to get you to hire us.  What you see is what you get.  We want you to hire us because you love our work, love our personalities and feel it in your gut and your heart that we're the right choice for your wedding.  We hated feeling like we were being sold at every turn and we don’t do that to the couples we meet with.  No pressure.

We supply many samples of our work on our website and our blog so you can see if our style suits your taste.  If you enjoy the samples, we suggest that you make an appointment to view a completed film.  This is the best way to see what your film could potentially look like and if our work is right for the vision and style of your wedding.  This meeting is also a great opportunity to see how well our collective personalities mesh.  It is so important to have vendors that you connect with working for you on the day of your wedding.  The last thing you want is someone that will stress you out, annoy you or be in your way all day. 

We also do something that we believe most vendors do not do.  We encourage couples that meet with us to go out and meet with other videographers if they want to because we want you to be sure we're the one.  Ninety-nine percent of the people that meet with us, book us to film their wedding, even after visiting with other videographers.  The reason?  Our couples say it's the high quality and emotional impact of our films, how comfortable they felt with us and our pricing was best when compared to other videographers.  

We want to work with couples who are as excited about having a wedding film as we are about creating one for them and who see in us what we were looking for in our vendors; honesty, personality, creativity, passion and enthusiasm.

Our Style

Our wedding films are unlike what you probably associate with the words "wedding video" and that is because we approach the whole process from a fresh and very different perspective.  Our films are never boring.  Even your family and friends will want to watch it over and over again.  What makes the difference?

Our wedding videos are produced in the style that we were looking for when we got married; cinematic and modern.  Coming from a background in film and television, we wanted a wedding video that was like watching a movie.  To us, that meant a polished film that tells a story with beautiful visuals, purposeful movements and crisp audio.  No cheesy effects that look like a bad PowerPoint Presentation.  No shaky or random camera movements that look like mistakes.  No never ending slow motion or soft focus shots that make your wedding look like a cheesy dream sequence.  We believe that effects should be used sparingly and only to enhance your film, not distract from what is happening.  When effects are used properly, you shouldn't notice them.

Most videographers will give you the video that they make everyone in the style that they choose. Unlike many videographers that mass produce the same video and only do it one way, we want to hear your vision for your dream wedding film so we can create it!  We involve you in the process as much or as little as you want to be.  You are a part of the pre-planning process.  We can take requests for specific shots, effects, etc... allowing you to become a partner in the making of your film. After your wedding is over, we correspond with you throughout post production to get your thoughts as we edit. 

When we film your wedding day, we don't approach it as simply documenting a ceremony and lots of dancing.  We are filming a celebration with family and close friends and we want you to see all of them too, whether or not they dance.  We want you to experience your wedding through the eyes of your guests and to see and hear all the things that are happening when you're there and when you're not.  

We love every detail, big and small; from the personal touches at your ceremony to the beautiful décor and hand picked details that envelop the reception space.  We look for each and every detail and every single moment and incorporate it into a wedding film for you to look back on and remember your wedding exactly as it happened.

On your wedding day, we stay in the background as much as we possibly can.  Our intention is to capture the real moments and real emotions of your wedding day.  We like to give you and your guests space as we film so that no one feels uncomfortable or self-conscious because a camera is looming.  The comment that we hear most at the end of the night, “We never saw you.”  The comments we get when the final films are viewed, “You caught (insert moment) and it looked like you were right there, but I never noticed you filming that!”  These are the comments that we hope for.