Why Us?

Rather than giving you a list of reasons why we think you should choose us to film your wedding, we thought we would let our couples do the talking for us.  We really couldn't say it better than they do.  The things we hear back from each of them, or through the family and friends they refer to us, really best explain the experience you'll have working with us and .

"You won't find another videographer who will put as much time, effort and care into your wedding video as Jenn and Mike will."  
 - Marissa, bride, to one of her friends

"I think I told you when I last spoke to you how wonderful the video was, but we wanted to thank you both again!  It was truly amazing!!!  You have such a great eye for detail and really captured every aspect of what we wanted to remember when we look back on that day.  It was so personal and we so appreciate you really listening to what we were looking for.  It really represents both of us.  The time you took and the detail you put into it...you seemed so excited for us. It didn't seem like just another job to you." 
- Miriam, bride

"I have to tell you what an awesome job you did with our video.  It is so much cooler than the standard, boring, cheesy video.  It really plays like a movie.  Thank you for your professional sense of restraint and taste.  Thank you for working with such enthusiasm.  It shows in the product that you were engaged and not dialing it in.  We are grateful to you and very pleased that we hired your company.  We will recommend you and your work with genuine pleasure.  We'll be wearing out our copies of the video!"
- Tom, groom


"I would recommend you to anyone looking for a well organized, personal, compassionate, caring and, most of all, loving person to make their special day a day to remember." 
- Diana, mother of two of our brides

"Dave and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Today was an amazing experience and we couldn't have dreamt of anything better.  You made us feel so special and really took the time to make each shot perfect.  It was a pleasure to work with such professionals with a passion for what they do.  It really shines through in your work.  It is a day we will never forget and we can't wait to see the stunning results from our adventure.  Your planning, research, patience and sense of adventure really made this a spectacular day!!!  Thanks again!"
- Kristin T., bride on her post wedding trash the dress session. 

"You guys were a joy to work with.  You made the planning process easy, were very unobtrusive on the day of our wedding and made us a beautiful video.  I honestly love the whole video.  It's so well done - it definitely shows that a lot of time and care went into making it." 
- Lauren S., bride

"I just wanted to say again how amazing our wedding video is!! You are so creative and excellent at your craft.  Everyone in our family LOVES watching the video. Ross and I agree that you were so professional and fun to work with. You made me feel relaxed, special and beautiful on my wedding day. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience."
- Michelle, bride


"OMG!!!! WE LOVE IT!!!  Best. Video. Ever.  We couldn't be happier!  I think it really captured who we are and what was important to us on our wedding day.  You guys did a phenomenal job.  It's been so much fun working with you.  Thank you so much." 
- Allison, bride


"When we began planning our wedding, we did not factor a videographer in our budget.  Hunter was opposed.  He said he didn't want a camera in his face all night (or) feel like we would need to put on a show.  After losing one of our best friends in a car accident, I brought it up to him again.  The wedding video is not only about the bride and groom, but also shows our family and closest friends.  That's why I believe that you guys were such an important part of the wedding.  

Personally I would have skipped the flowers (if I could) or would not have gone all out on a rather large and expensive limo because after the wedding is over, none of those things really matter.  Paying for your service was well worth it!!!!  I'm so happy we went with you! You are such a sweetheart and made us feel at ease.  Our wedding video is absolutely perfect!  Even Hunter thanks me for convincing him! (well maybe you helped convince him too:)"
Kristin B, bride 

"Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding video!!  We absolutely love it.  You really have a great way of incorporating all the details while still making it entertaining."
- Kate, bride 


"WOW!!! Thanks for the fantastic job. The artistic camera work and editing was excellent. Tara and I just watched the video today and tears of joy came pouring out.  It is a beautiful job.  My dad passed away this past April and he said he lived for our wedding day...Thanks for such great shots of him." 
- Danny, groom

"You did such an incredible job. It was so intense for us to see our ceremony through other eyes, and that moment you caught when we walk up the path and loose it for a minute was so beautiful and unexpected.  We'd totally forgotten about the mic and the cameras. You guys were amazingly inconspicuous throughout the whole event.  You're a masterful editor.  I am just so happy with your beautiful work!"
Heather, bride


"There was no other person/professional that we interacted with that cared more about their role in our wedding, that was more responsive and interested to do just what we wanted.  I think it would be easy for a videographer to just pump out the same cookie-cutter videos after having done it for so many years, but you are genuinely excited to do every job and make the video the best it can be in the most unique and personalized way anyone can imagine."
- Adam, groom

"Oh my gosh - we spent the whole weekend watching and sharing our wedding video and love story!  We are soo soo happy with how it turned out.  Your editing skills are phenomenal, you are so talented!!  Truly a professional and best kept secret.  We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with you and to have you both along with us on our wedding day.  We will absolutely be sending any and every engaged couple we know your way!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!" 
- Lauren V., bride

Let me start this review by stating that I was initially hesitant to hire a videographer because I was looking for areas to slim down my budget and recalling other videos I had seen in the past. We met Jenn and her husband and were BEYOND impressed with their work.  I was MORE than convinced that she deserves every penny she charges for her hard work.

 After signing our contract, Jenn never failed to keep a high-standard bride like myselg 100% confident in her professionalism, creativity and reliability.  In fact, I even told my husband in the weeks before our wedding that Jenn was the vendor I was least concerned with disappointing us. And I was right!  She and her husband were there for our entire wedding, yet filmed so discretely - I think some of out guests may not have even noticed their presence.  

I can honestly say Jenn is the vendor I am most grateful for - both my husband and myself were so surprised and bummed to realize our memories of the day are so foggy because it all seemed to flash by instantly.  So not only are we happy to have a video to relive the day through, we are so blessed to know how beautiful and artistic the finished version will be.  In conclusion - DO NOT HIRE ANY OTHER VIDEOGRAPHER FOR YOUR WEDDING! I promise you will be beyond satisfied.
- Erin, bride via Wedding Wire Review

If you are contemplating whether or not to have a videographer, please read this and then contact Jenn and Mike.  You will not be disappointed!!!!  These two are amazing videographers and wonderful people and (hiring them) was one of the most important and best decisions that I made for my wedding.  We met with Jenn and Mike because I wanted a video, Justin at first did not because he did not think he would sit down and watch it.  However, after watching their work, he said, "I could see myself watching this."  If you like their work as much as I do, then do not wait, go see them and watch entire videos.  You will be surprised at how much you love someone elses video.  Then you wonder, if you love someone elses video that much, is it possible to love your own even more?  The answer is YES!
- Marissa, bride via Wedding Wire Review

"You guys are so very talented and I'm so happy we picked you to film our wedding day.  So original and so not your typical, boring wedding video!  I'm sure that we will be seeing you guys again as we will be recommending you to all of our family and friends!" 
- Lauren T., bride

"We love our video. It was the best money we spent. Also, because Scott and I both lost our grandmothers since, it has become even more special to us. We watch our video a few times a year. For the first year, my mom watched it a few times a month. She is totally in love with the video and everyone who comes to the house has to watch it.  I would have rather cut something else if I had to in order to keep the video. We rarely look at our wedding album, although it is very important to us, but we get way more out of our video and that's what I tell everyone who is getting married.  The video is something that we will watch for years to come. You guys were great to work with and we felt like you were just some more friends at our wedding, not vendors. You are both very talented and it was a pleasure."
- Poni, bride 

 "Thank you so much for capturing our special day in such a perfect way! Your work is so addictive, we couldn't stop watching!  I love how you made it soooo personal to me and completely incorporated everything I envisioned.  Your personalities are so loveable and the two of you are a great team!  We could not have asked for better videographers.  We are so lucky to have found you!"
- Tina, bride

"Our wedding video is PERFECT! Thank you so much for all your hard work - you gave us such a fantastic memory of our wedding day. We know we will be enjoying our video for the rest of our lives. It's a perfect video or our perfect wedding. There is no question that we have the most beautiful wedding video ever made, thanks to you both!  Thank you for making such a truly beautiful memory for us!"

Katy and John


"We love the video!!! It is beautiful! We go back to the day when we watch it! The bridal prep is my favorite part. I love how you can hear what we say.  The video is the only way that I can relive the day.  I tell everyone that I would cut other services before video.  I am 100% happy!"
- Kourtney, bride

"You guys did an amazing job and I'm so glad that we found you! If we didn't have you guys there, we would have missed so much! All the important things are there.  It looks like a movie at a theater. You are truly talented!  I can't thank you enough for all the work you put into making the video.  We couldn't be happier!" 
- Elizabeth, bride

"Just wanted to let you know that we received the video and it was awesome.  Completely surpassed all expectations that we had.  Thank you both for doing such a great job."
- Chris, groom

"The video was absolutely incredible!  My parents and I all agree that it was worth the money that we spent on it!! I am glad that I have something to watch until Andrew comes back from overseas and then I get to show it to him. I already told him how beautiful the video came out!  I am so glad we had you do our video! Thank you again so much for everything! You really exceeded my expectations and now I have this beautiful video so I can relive that wonderful day!!!  Thanks so much!!!!
- Stephanie, bride


"Words cannot express how much we love it! Everytime we watch it, we see something that we didn't see before.  I think that you got everyone who attended the wedding.  At some point or another, I see them.  Phil and I want to thank you so much for everything."
- Kelly, bride