About Our Process

We don't just document your day and we don't produce cookie-cutter wedding videos.  We create a beautiful, cinematic and personal wedding film that reflects who you are.  This is not your basic, boring wedding video.  This is a film that you will love and everyone will want to watch!

We are not a "wedding video factory" that will book as many weddings as we can get and crank out the same old cookie-cutter video. We are a small business and work with a limited number of couples each year so that each of our couples and their wedding films get the attention they deserve. 

We want to work with couples who are excited about having their wedding filmed and really care about the quality of the finished film.  We put a lot of time and care into producing each of our films.  We take the time to get to know our couples to really understand them and deliver a wedding film that they'll be proud to own.  Each of our films are as unique as each of the couples we work with. 

Because our films aren't "one size fits all", neither are our prices.  They vary widely because everything is customized for the needs of each of our couples.  We have a great selection of pre-designed packages based on our most popular requests, but also offer an a la carte menu with a variety of films and enhancements so we can help you create your perfect package.  Below is some basic information to give you an idea of the service that we provide.

Basic to All Packages

All of our packages include two cinematographers with full day coverage*.  We film all of the details and events of your day using our signature style and take a video-journalistic approach.  This means that we remain in the background as much as possible in order to capture the events of your wedding as they happen naturally.  We like to be quiet observers.  We don't want to get in the way or disturb what is happening.  Our goal is to capture true events and real emotions, not fabricate moments.

We have several options to choose from for the finished product including DVDs and digital copies.  Absolutely everything is customized from the films themselves all the way down to the packaging.

If you're interested in learning more about the beautiful wedding film we can create for you, please set up an appointment so we can meet and get to know each other.  We want to hear all about you and your wedding.  Then we can view a sample film and discuss in detail what you would like to see in your wedding film.

Pricing FAQ

Please read this before you call or email us.  Your questions may be answered here.

*basic full day coverage begins 30 minutes before your ceremony start time and ends at the conclusion of your reception - 5 hours total cocktail/reception.

How Much?
You can expect to pay the same amount for our cinematography services as you would for photography services of the same quality.  We are happy to discuss pricing in detail by appointment or by phone, as we will need some specific information about the where and when of your wedding, as well as the type of coverage you are looking for in order to give you the best price quote.  You can begin by filling out this form completely.

Do you shoot just ceremonies?
For an elopement, yes.  For a wedding, no.  We feel strongly that it is important to be there for the full wedding day.  We know in our hearts that after your wedding, you'll want to experience everything, not just your vows.  We want you to experience the fun, see the excitement and feel the love of this precious moment in your lives.  Ceremony coverage alone just doesn't paint a complete picture of a full day event.  If you view one of our full length films, you'll know what we mean. 

Can you do a one camera shoot for a discount?
We don't do single camera shoots.  Our films look the way they do because they are shot by two cinematographers.  This offers the best coverage with the least intrusion to your wedding, gives many points of view, different creative perspectives and makes the best finished film. Our prices are primarily based on the time required for editing your film, not the presence of a second camera.  Many videographers offer a cheap one camera package with the intention of getting you to upgrade to a two camera package once you meet with them.  We don't believe in playing these games.  We believe two cameras should be the standard for shooting any one time event, not a way to get couples to upgrade.

Do you offer any discounts?
We offer discounts for single location weddings, yearly specials for our contracted couples and run the occasional promotion or give freebies to couples that meet a minimum purchase requirement.  Major promotions will be posted to our blog, website and/or Facebook page.  If we have any unposted specials that we can offer you, we will discuss them when we meet with you in person.

Do you charge travel fees?
Travel fees apply when we are asked to work outside Dutchess, Ulster, Orange and Putnam Counties.  Travel Fees begin at $800 and go up from there based on where and when your wedding will take place.  If you're interested in finding out what the travel fee would be to your destination, please email us with your wedding date, ceremony and reception locations, as well as start and end times for each, and the specific coverage you want (ie: just the ceremony and reception or ceremony, reception and bride's preparation etc...).

If you have any questions that were not addressed in these FAQs, please feel free to contact us.  We are happy to answer any questions that you have.